Every day is an opportunity. And it's important to make the most of it - not just on some days, but EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Over the last three and a half years, Supr Daily has created a new way of living. One that focuses on simplicity. One that is reliable come rain or shine. One that enables access to solutions you've never had before.

The goal has always been to make your daily life less stressful. To free up every day so you can live more, do more and be more.

To help you
experience more,
with less.

To represent this new identity, the new Supr logo was formed using the golden ratio. Aesthetically pleasing, mathematically sound.

For the wordmark we wanted a font that was goemetric, minimal and bold. Assertive but never imposing. New, yet somehow familiar.


On your phone.
In the streets.
In your hearts.