Hi Supr Customer,

The past two weeks have been an extremely trying time for everyone. With the corona virus outbreak, we’ve all been doing our part by being home and staying safe. 

However, our delivery executives, warehouse teams, and customer support teams are out there working harder than ever.

We understand that staying at home would mean that your grocery needs are even more important now. Demand is high; our delivery executives, warehouse employees, and customer support teams are working tirelessly every single day to make sure you’re taken care of. Even though they’re overwhelmed, they’re still out there risking everything so you can be home and stay safe. 

To fulfil the surge in demand, we are now delivering until 9 in the morning. We request that you plan your orders in advance and place them earlier so that we can continue to work hard and meet your needs, daily.

We still may miss a few deliveries and we’re trying our best to notify you in advance if we’re unable to deliver so you can plan accordingly. 

Nothing pains us more than to let you down. If we have, please forgive us – we’re truly trying our 100% to cater to all your needs. 

Our workforce is helping take care of you, please help us take care of them.
Heroes save some days, SUPR heroes save every day.
Stay safe, stay Supr.
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