The COVID-19 situation has hit the best of us in the worst ways possible. Our operational costs, manpower costs, and safety and handling charges have increased exponentially.

To ensure your safety, we have invested heavily in precautionary measures. From sanitation checkpoints in our warehouses and product handling, to implementing mandatory hygiene practices and following social distancing - we’re doing our best.

Over the past month, we have faced a lot of on-ground challenges, restriction on movement, high demand, and unavailability of products. We hate giving excuses, but these were particularly difficult to conquer and very real.

However, our goal hasn’t changed – we’re still tirelessly working to be there for you daily and ensuring that we deliver groceries every single day. Nothing makes us happier or feel more privileged than to know that you count on us.

We hope you understand that for us to continue serving you well and deliver without any issues, we have to introduce a service fee. This fee will aid your delivery executive as well, who is out there so you can stay safe at home.
How will this work?
  • You will be charged a service fee of up to ₹3.25 per packet on all subscriptions.

    We understand that you need products like curd, bread, eggs or tender coconut delivered fresh and delivered daily. Thus, we’re charging a minimal fee so that you can subscribe and relax!
  • On all other one-time orders, you will be charged ₹10 per delivery.

    Whether you need atta, milk, biscuits, oil, rice or other groceries delivered tomorrow, a charge will be applied for that delivery; irrespective of the number of items you order.
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Supr Access members can avail free deliveries on all subscription orders.

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Service Fee FAQs

Why is there a service fee?

Due to the COVID-19 situation, our operational and manpower costs have increased exponentially. At the same time, the load on delivery executives has increased considerably. This often requires assigning multiple delivery executives to the same route, or requires executives to stay out longer, increasing their risk. The service fee will aid your delivery executive, who is out there so you can stay safe at home.

How can I reduce the fee if I want just one smaller item, like a packet of curd, bread or eggs?

If you switch a grocery purchase from one-time delivery to subscription, the service fee drops from ₹10 per delivery, to just up to ₹3.25 per packet. This is the ideal way to plan out your deliveries with us for regular purchases like curd, buttermilk, bread, eggs etc. For our most frequent and loyal customers, we recommend signing up for Supr Access - a monthly/quarterly membership plan that lets you avail free subscription deliveries. Click here to learn more. However, if you are only looking to place an order for a day, adding more grocery items to cart will help to balance out the service fee, as it will be charged per delivery, not per product.

Why is there a fee on subscriptions?

The nominal fee of up to ₹3.25 on subscriptions helps us to continue serving you well and deliver without any issues. When you subscribe for a product with us, we are able to accurately predict demand, manage manpower costs, ensure supply of essential groceries, and prevent wastage due to unsold stock. This is why we have a much smaller fee on subscriptions, and a higher fee on one-time orders.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel an order any time before 11 pm the day prior to delivery. In case you choose to cancel a delivery in an active subscription, your subscription balance will be adjusted & carried forward accordingly. When you cancel a one-time milk order, the service fee charged will automatically be refunded to your Supr Wallet. Service fees on one-time grocery orders will only be refunded if all one-time grocery orders on a given date are cancelled.
Stay home, stay Supr.