Introducing Supr Access!

Supr Access is a membership where you pay once and your family’s grocery needs are taken care of, daily! We want to provide you unlimited access to everything you and your family need, without you having to worry about service fees.

Since we charge ₹2 per packet on fresh milk orders, ₹2 per packet on any subscription and ₹20 on one-time orders, you end up spending ₹160 - ₹500 on service fees for the month. 

Here’s where Supr Access comes in. Order as many products, as many times as you want - all for zero service fees! 

With unlimited access, you can buy just what you need - even if it’s one lemon or a pack of curd, we’ll deliver it fresh daily. This way, you can buy fresh and eat fresh every single day. You pay less but get so much more!
Already placed your orders for the month? No worries. The service fee will be refunded for all orders or subscriptions that you have placed for the entire duration that you have Supr Access!
Enjoy the access to do more, with less. Enjoy the access to be Supr, Daily!

Install or update to the latest version of the Supr Daily app to buy the Supr Access membership!


Why should I get Supr Access?

If you’re a regular Supr Daily user, Supr Access is the best way to save on service fees. For as little as ₹49 +GST for one month (that’s less than ₹2 per day!), you can order as many groceries as you need, as many times as you want, with no service fees. Signing up for 3 or 12 months can help you save even more!

I only order milk from Supr Daily. Do I need to get Supr Access?

If you order 1 packet of milk from us every day, that’s ₹60 in service fees per month. In addition to this, you would be charged ₹20 for each grocery delivery you may need. Instead, at just ₹49 +GST per month, there will be no service fee on milk orders, or any groceries, fruits & veggies you may need to purchase. You can make Supr Daily your one stop solution for all your grocery needs, without having to worry about service fees again!

I have already paid service fees for deliveries which are scheduled for the next month. What happens when I sign up for Supr Access?

When you sign up, service fees for any deliveries during the Supr Access period will automatically be refunded to your Supr Wallet. Let's say you have a subscription for 1 packet of milk daily, and you still have 15 deliveries remaining. If you sign up for Supr Access, the service fees for the remaining deliveries (₹30 in this case), will be automatically refunded into your Supr Wallet. Similarly, if you have already scheduled any one time deliveries for the duration of Supr Access, the service fees on all those orders will also be refunded automatically.