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Do your mornings feel like this? 

How fresh daily needs were delivered in 2015

7:30 am

7:43 am

8:19 am

Coconut Water
9:15 am

How fresh
daily needs are
delivered in 2016

Supr is the smart new way to manage
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With one, single bell ring!

Fresh Milk

Shake it, blend it, pour it, drink it, cream it, paneer it, curd it, sweet it, coffee it, tea it, hot it, cold it.
What ever you do, don’t cry, if you spill it.

Fresh Bakery

Isn’t it fascinating how a baker can turn four basic ingredients into so many mouth watering goodies. Think about it, a baker can take flour, sugar, salt and butter and turn it into bread, rolls, croissants, rusk, cookies and cake. Some call it an art, some call it a science – call it what you want, but if you ever see a baker at work, you’ll know it’s nothing short of magic.

Fresh Eggs

Future omelettes, or French toast perhaps, or bhurji if you wish to keep it local, meringue if you choose to unleash the pastry chef in you, a cake if you’re in the mood to bake, or mayonnaise for the ultra purist, or maybe just some good, old fashioned fried eggs.

Fresh Coconut Water

Some people like coconut in their curry, some use it to make chutney, then there are those who like it in their dessert. Some even extract the oil and use it as a cooking medium. Then there are those who like it pure and untouched, with nothing but a straw. No matter how you like it, here’s to nature’s best tasting beverage, the ah-so-refreshing, coconut water.

Fresh Dosa Batter

(repeat the following in the speed of an Udupi restaurant waiter, at 2.85 words per second)
Plain dosa, rava dosa, onion dosa, masala dosa, cheese dosa, mysore dosa, paneer dosa, palak dosa, ghee dosa, ragi dosa, paper dosa. Breathe.
Or good, old, soft and fluffy idlis.

Fresh Juices

Never underestimate what a glass of freshly squeezed juice can do to the human body. Side effects may include high energy, productivity, a spring in your step, and in some cases, even mild to severe optimism.

Fresh Dairy Products

Fresh buttermilk, paneer, cheese, cream, butter, yogurt, you name it. Dairy products made from the freshest milk on a daily basis. It’s the next best thing to owning a cow, or buffalo, as the case may be.

Fresh Produce

Don’t thank us, thank nature. She made it, with sunshine, rain, soil, minerals, nitrogen, love, care and a lot of patience. All we did was clean it, pack it and seal it for you. Hope you enjoy the natural goodness of fresh fruits and veggies.

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