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delivered, daily!

Order by 11 pm, get by 7 am
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Order by 11, get by 7

Tell us what you feel like buying as late as 11 pm,
and we will deliver by 7 am the next day.

No minimum order

Whether you need a pack of curd, or an apple,
we will deliver to your doorstep.

Buy fresh, eat fresh

Buying fresh isn't always eating fresh.
Order only what you need & we will deliver it fresh daily!

Schedule deliveries

Set your needs on auto pilot, sit back and relax
as we take care of your daily needs, everyday.

It's never too late to start fresh

Order by 11 pm, get by 7 am
No minimum order

Cold chain delivery that works even outside your door

Our bag is fully insulated from all sides and protects milk from spoiling outside your door. You can now sleep in on Sundays till late!

Simply subscribe for 1 month or more and get a FREE Supr bag to hang on your door.